Learning through play

Next generation education

Educate and inspire young people by playing Minecraft, that is what we aim for at Cubefields. We develop educational games and use Minecraft to teach about basic tech skills such as elementary coding and digital design.

For schools

For students

We offer a set of lessons for elementary and secondary schools as well as higher education that can be chosen from. Those lessons are given by one of our experienced trainers and focus on developing tech and creative skills. We offer customized lessons upon request.

For teachers

We offer consultancy and trainings to schools/teachers seeking to use a new and inspiring way to reach their students by using Minecraft. One of our experts gives an insight in the endless possibilities of Minecraft for Eduction and guides teachers through the basics of this game.

1000+ students followed our lessons

Up to 10+ years experienced experts

For individuals and companies

Private training

For those who want to become the best Minecraft player in the world, the private training is the right fit. During such training, Thomas Bosch, the owner of Cubefields, will set up a customised lesson following the wishes of the customer.

Available both online and offline as from 60 euro per hour

Special Requests

At Cubefields, anything is possible. If you wish to organize a brithday party with a Minecraft theme or a teambuilding session, our experts will be at your service. Contact us for to see what we can do for you.

World development

At Cubefields, we develop immersive lessons and worlds for Minecraft Education Edition. Minecraft is a way to engage your students with a wide range of topics, from maths to socials skills.