Careers at Cubefields

recognize talent, respect hard work and reward success

invest in development

At Cubefields, we look to attract the best skilled people and the brightest minds in the industry. Hiring professionals, students and trainees in every field of expertise in our company. Our employees' passion and commitment for their work and clients make Cubefields a unique place to work at.


As we search for the most experienced and skilled people, experience in the field you apply to is the most essential to us. For that reason we always require a decent portfolio which could be filled with anything that might be of use for us. Besides a portofolio, we ask for the following:

Write and speak English (Dutch is optional)

Available for at least 5 hours a week on average

Able to work in a team and communicate effectively

Located in an EER country or the UK

Passion for Minecraft

Positions are available both at our office located at H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam as well as remote.

If you do not reside in the Netherlands, we will hire you as an independent partner.