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Cubefields Minecraft Studio

Cubefields is a Minecraft studio with designers and developers from Europe with the aim to build breathtaking worlds and impactful campaigns through Minecraft

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At Cubefields, we create unique and inspiring creations, including adventural maps to explore, challanging minigames and stylish resourcepacks.

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Special projects and events

Minecraft offers the unique possibility to reach a young audience. Cubefields offers events and maps for companies wanting to reach the next generation.

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Thomas Bosch, founder Cubefields & Minecraft Architect

When Thomas Bosch (19) was eight years old, he started playing. "I first played on my mobile, with no goal. I just liked it. Then I started playing on the PC, so I got better and better at it, put in a lot of free time to learn programming, coding, making new modifications for the game. This gave me opportunities to participate in cool projects within Minecraft. In the past year, a lot of free time has gone into it, you can compare it a bit to top sport. You have to keep practicing and getting better."

The young Volendammer is considered one of the best builders in the online game Minecraft. He spent years helping to build Greenfields, which is still considered the largest city in Minecraft ever built. 

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