Cubefields is a Minecraft studio with designers 

and developers from Europe, with the aim to build breathtaking worlds and to educate people of all ages through game-based learning.

We create the opportunity for students to learn and create through the magic of Minecraft. Not only building, but also coding, collaborating and concept thinking among

a wide range of other skills can be learned. At Cubefields, we create immersive and engaging lessons and worlds that allow gamebased learning and create an impact.

Our Team

Kaylan Glatter-Bees

Kaylan is one of our builders and creates customized models to enhance the unique experience our products come with. Besides being a developer, Kaylan is also one of our trainers.

Thomas Bosch

Thomas is the founder and managing director of Cubefields. He is responsible for maintaining the companies high quality standards and leads the projects carried out by the Cubefields team.

Sem Boneveld

Sem is one of our builders who's speciality is surrealistic and fantasy themed settings. However, no style does not suit his expertise.

Jim Sier

Jim is an experienced video artist and social media manager. He creates engaging video's and manages or online community.

Wouter Dompselaar

Wouter is our add-on creator and mod developer. He comes up with unique ideas, can design in a lot different styles and he can make them come to life with his skills in coding

Daney Bouma

Daney is one of our texture artist. He can design in a lot of different styles and has an eye for detail. He makes sure our textures are of high quality and gives them a touch of his personal style.

Robin Sikes

Robin is our command block and redstone engineer. He connects our different features and creates the interaction between the game and the player. He builds incredible and complicated mechanisms which we use for our builds and mini-games.

Yara Prins

Yara is one of our texture artists and also helps with the maintenance of our website. She can design beautiful visuals for our team and clients, sprinkled with a touch of her own flavor. She is skilled with both design and development and has an eye for detail.